Hello, I am Abdul Aziz

Working as a Web Programmer in a Group Company called Gelora Group which mainly provide energy products from PT Pertamina.

Something about me

I really like new things especially in the field of technology, besides that I also like the challenges of problems that arise on the job then I finish with programming

System Analys

Conduct interviews and analysis of problems that occur at the user's place, then make a design and work plan.

Web Development

Realizing analysis design by using code according to existing work plan into ready to use application

Seacrh Engine Optimation

Ensuring that web applications that have been built become friendly to search engine with the best SEO techniques

Main Engine Program

The main engine of various applications made by me.

CBM Engine

CBM Engine

Codeigniter | Bootstrap | Mysql

Is a ready-to-use crud application created using a codeigniter framework with MySQL database that is structured with a user-friendly code structure that is also supported by neat documentation Link Github.

NEM Engine

NEM Engine

Nodejs | Expressjs | MongoDb

The ready-to-use crud application that is created by using the Reactjs framework with the programming language Nodejs and MongoDB database is arranged with a user-friendly code structure also supported by neat documentation Link Github.