Hello, I am Abdul Aziz

Working as a Web Programmer in a Group Company called Gelora Group which mainly provide energy products from PT Pertamina.

Something about me

A computer enthusiast since high school by majoring in internet networks then proceed to higher education by majoring in information technology. After graduating and getting a scholarship from the Ministry of Communication and Information by taking a big data analysis at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya, also received a scholarship certification from Microsoft in the field of data science.

Public Speaking

Accustomed to speaking in public and giving opinions in scientific discussions in teams

Appreciate the time

For me time is money so the nature of respecting time is something that is absolutely to be cultivated

Good attitude

educated in a religious family and boarding school environment made me grow into a polite and noble person

Love To Learn

Love new things in the development of the world of technology so that my knowledge is very up to date

Extensive knowledge

I got a lot of information from the internet, not only about technology but also social

Like to travel

I like something about nature, it makes me love to travel wherever I want. that's what makes me love challenges

Analys System

Conduct field observations of problems that arise in order to find the best solution with technology

Web Development

Realizing the analysis system into an application program based on the previous application design

Engine Optimation

Optimizing machine code of application programs to be more effective when used by end users

My Blogs

Keep up with the development of my knowledge

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My Portfolio

Application program that I have built with the above technology

Sicak Application

Sicak Application

Human Resource Department

Application program that serves to manage employee data and administration relating to employees

Sinochi Administrative

Sinochi Administrative

Gas Company

Application program that functions to manage administration data and gas company transactions

Mapping Mforce

Mapping Mforce

Pertamina Distributors

functions to display Mforce data in form of map that is ready and easy to understand



CV. Surya Indah

Application that functions to manage project data from planning to payment